12th August 2011
Following on from my last post on stoats, I have decided to share some of my Raven photos which would otherwise just be sitting in a folder on my laptop. The Raven (Corvus corax) is the largest member of the Crow family (Corvidae) in the UK, rivaling the Common Buzzard in size. They are a bird of the uplands and coastal cliffs, so in North Wales, they are fairly common. Ravens are easily distinguished from other Corvids by their croaking call, feathery beard, large, powerful bill, and diamond shaped tail in flight.

This silhouetted outline clearly shows the diamond shape tail large wings and powerful beak

Ravens are surprisingly agile for a such a large, bulky bird

Ravens are common around coastal cliffs along the West of the UK, and have recently started to recolonise the south east after being persecuted to extinction in these areas.

Ravens are incredibly intelligent birds, and are capable of solving complex problems in experimental conditions and the wild

Ravens are incredibly long lived, commonly reaching 15 years in the wild and can be up to 40 years old in captivity

An adult Raven in typical mountainous upland habitat

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