Mountain Hare | Joel Walley Wildlife Photography
Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus), are a widespread species of Hare found across much of the colder regions of the Northern hemisphere. In the UK Mountain Hares are found on the Scottish mainland and since introduced to other areas such as the Peak District and many of the Scottish Islands including Mull. How the Hares got to Mull is open to much debate with some people stating they are of Scottish origin and others believing they are introduced from Ireland where the Irish Hare (Lepus timidus hibernicus) is believed to be a distinct species after isolation from other populations has resulted in a very different genetic diversity after a separation some 60,000 years ago. However, Irish Hare do not change to a white winter coat like populations of Mountain Hare in Scotland do, along with the Mull population. This individual was, along with many others, encountered on the beach at Fidden.