Grey Seal Pup | Joel Walley Wildlife Photography
A young grey seal pup relaxing on the sand dunes at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire. Grey seals give birth to their young in November and December and over 1,300 pups are born at this site each year. This individual is an older pup, which has shed its white fluffy fur and developed its dense waterproof adult coat to help it deal with the cold waters in which it will spend most of its time. There appears to be a fair amount of controversy over Donna Nook seals and photographers, with Lincolnshire wildlife trust asking photographers to keep off the beach as they believe the stress caused increases pup abandonment and mortality rates. Although some anecdotal evidence suggests this might not be the case and other ecological factors might be having a significant effect, animal welfare must come first and its better to be safe than sorry. This photograph was, therefore, taken along the visitor area of the dunes.

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