The Vast majority of my photographs have been taken around North Wales, where I was based during my BSc in Zoology with Conservation and my MSc in Conservation and Land Management at Bangor University. I have chosen to arrange my galleries by habitat, although this is based more on where I encountered the animals than where you might expect them to occur.
Isle of Mull, November 2011. portfolio A collection of photographs from the a two week autumn trip to the Isle of Mull, in November 2011. Coast portfolio The coast of Great Britain features many different habitats, from towering sea cliffs to sandy beaches. A huge diversity of wildlife can be found here, as seen in this gallery.
Freshwater portfolio Wildlife photographs from Britain's freshwater habitats Uplands, Lowlands and farmland portfolio A variety of images from these habitats found around United Kingdom.
The World Up Close. portfolio A selection of macro images, mainly focusing on invertebrates found in the UK. Woodland Creatures portfolio A collection of photographs from British Woodlands