Dormouse days

19th October 2012
This year I have been volunteering with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and a variety of other groups, on a project to monitor a reintroduced population of dormice in the county along with a nearby Welsh site with a native population. The study has evolved beyond the initial reintroduction program in Cheshire and now focuses on improving our knowledge of the biology and ecology of dormice in the area, in order to better conserve the species here.

One of several hundred Dormouse nest boxes throughout the woodland.

An active nest box, with two dormice present. These dormice are then captured and held in linen bags.

Scanning the bagged dormice to see if the individual has been microchipped. The use of microchips allows the individual to be identified, and data to be collected on movements, longevity and a number of other variables. If no microchip is found, the dormouse is new to the study and one is fitted.

An unchipped dormouse preparing to be anaesthetised by the vet.

Out for the count!

preparing to be microchipped at the mobile vet station.

Checking the dormice for sex and general condition.

Recovering from the anaesthetic and preparing to be returned to the nest box.

This time we were joined by the One Show, who were there to create a video report on the project and highlight the plight of Britain's dormice.

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