My name is Joel Walley, and I am a photographer currently based in Llandudno, North Wales. My photography focuses on the wildlife of Great Britain and in particular, the many species and habitats that exist in Cheshire and North Wales where many of my photographs were taken whilst I completed a BSc in Zoology with Conservation and an MSc in Conservation and Land Management at Bangor University. I am incredibly passionate about nature and conservation, and I have spent most of my life watching wildlife. Only more recently have I combined this with my passion for photography, the results of which are featured on this site.

All of the photographs included on this site are of wild animals in their natural habitat. With the exception of any domesticated animals no captive animals are included in my portfolios.

For the geeks: Current Equipment

When I am out and about, I get really really bored and frustrated that lots of people only ever seem to want to talk about the equipment specifications, and every tiny detail about every different lens and camera. I am more interested in the animal I am photographing, and observing and trying to capture its natural behaviour. Many people I meet believe that to get better photos they need to just spend more money and get more equipment and I am constantly being told I need this camera or that lens to get a good photo when generally I am very happy with my results. However, I understand that there are plenty of people who are interested in photographic kit, so I have listed what I use below.

  • Canon 7D
  • Canon 400mm f/5.6L
  • Canon 100mm f/2.8
  • Canon 15 - 85mm f/3.5 - 5.6
  • Canon 10 - 22mm f/3.5 - 4.5
  • Canon Speedlite 430ex